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    Training and Development

    If you believe training is expensive, it is because you do not know what ignorance costs" G - Gather the needs I - Initiate the delivery of skills V - Visualize the concepts through hands-on experience E - Evaluate and Embark
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    Event Management

    Making Moments into memories. Ensuring the intricacies of your event to be off the cliches and enabling you to relive those moments.
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    Management Consulting

    Enhancing and sustaining Customer Relationships via Technological and credible Solutions for People. Change. Performance
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    Provide Expert Solutions and Outstanding Services is our motto. Connect with us for more


    about us

    Welcome to PUPIL

    We started our operations in the year 2007 and since then PUPIL Consulting Services has been providing exceptional services and expertise to deliver effective human capital and relationship solutions for its clients in India.



    We provide tailor-made solutions after carefully reviewing the requirements of our clients in the areas of:

    • Staff Augmentation
    • Employee Training and Development
    • Management Development Training

    Retainer Program

    Implanting Program

    Pupil Net Program

    Coaching & Mentoring




    Our Vision

    Our vision is to be world’s most influential and respected professional consulting company.
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    Build>> Nurture>>Adapt>>Change

    Our Work Culture

    All said and done, “WE WORK WITH PEOPLE NOT WITH DESIGNATIONS. WE WORK TO DEVELOP SKILLS FOR PERFORMANCE”. Hence, we love to work with humorously serious people; strictly prefer “NO BOX” thinkers; extensively creative; extremely social individuals; Highly commendable attitude and temperament;

    Work Culture




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      Our zeal is to exceed the expectations of our clients, partners, associates,and employees by empowering them to be a trendsetter in their own areas of expertise.

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      welcome to pupil

      welcome to pupil

      welcome to pupil

      welcome to pupil

      welcome to pupil